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Key Cutting Aylesbury

If you are a homeowner or own any other structure that needs a key, it’s highly recommended that you make spare keys so that you can use the spares in case the original ones get lost. Our key cutting service will create identical copies of your keys which will be more like having two original pairs of keys. They will have precise and utter similarities on the entire key including the grooves, ridges and size.

There are several key cutting tools we possess in our store that make our key cutting a cut above the pack.

The first method we use is the manual one. At Locksmith Aylesbury, our technicians use a machine called the manual duplicator in this technique. This is a tool that you can’t use if you don’t have the requisite experience and knowledge. This method is used to make both single and double sided copies. The keys that can be made using this method are those that are used in majority of everyday applications including duplication and creation of hotel, house and automotive keys. Our technicians like this method and use it especially when they want to work with several blanks in a single instance.

The second technique used by our locksmiths in duplicating keys is the automatic mode. This is a suitable technique for creation of keys for most locks. The machine has two holdings, one for the original and the other for the blank. The machine traces the original key’s outline then cuts the pattern on the blank.

Another closely related method to the automatic mode is the semi-automatic method. In this technique, our locksmiths watch how the keys are cut ensuring that the duplicate is inspected to match the original, in this method, the technicians check the key duplication process while in the automatic mode, and the machine does everything.
At Locksmith Aylesbury, we also use the tube method. This technique is the one our locksmiths use to create keys for locks that have a tubular shape. This type of locks requires this special method for duplicating their keys. The keys used on this lick normally have a hollow round cylinder. This cylinder has grooves which are supposed to match with the pins that are in the lock. If you have this type of lock, you need this special machine to create the duplicates. This machine is not found in any locksmith workshop; only the most experienced like Elite Local Locksmith Aylesbury (ELLA) possess it.

Whatever type of key duplication you want, we have the machine that will create your duplicates using the most advanced technology. Call our 24/7 customer care hotline and we will send a locksmith to your location to pick the key for duplication.